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You’ll know the moment you arrive that this is the place. We are here to exceed your expectations.


If you are in search of a Hewitt chiropractor, it makes sense to choose an experienced doctor you can trust. Our comprehensive approach at Hewitt Chiropractic Center ensures that we give you the best opportunity to achieve health.

Many individuals believe chiropractic care can do little more than relieve pain in the neck and back regions. However, chiropractic was developed to treat a much wider range of conditions than just back or neck pain. In fact, the first spinal realignment performed by Dr. David Moore, the founder of Hewitt Chiropractic, aimed to restore the hearing function of a man who had been deaf. After an adjustment that relieved the inflammation of neural pathways in the man’s body, he could hear once again! After making miracles reality, Dr. David Moore sought to bring chiropractic’s healing properties to the masses.

No one should suffer constantly from pain stemming from preexisting conditions or injuries that never seem to heal. Chiropractic care can help patients dealing with a myriad of health problems find lasting relief. Most healthy people do not realize that chiropractic care can even be beneficial for improving their immune system function and strengthening their vitality.

Day-to-day life can be draining not just on the mind, but also on the immune system. By seeking wellness care at our clinic, minor adjustments can ensure your body stays running like a finely-tuned machine, ready to conquer every day’s challenges.

Rest assured, you will be in good hands with the chiropractic team at Hewitt Chiropractic. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team. We are here to help you achieve your health goals.


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